[Nelug] Hardware for Swaps

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 23:55:29 UTC 2005

Dougie Nisbet wrote:

> A few months ago (before we moved) I decided to buy some wireless
> kit and learn how it worked so that I could hit the ground running
> with a wireless network after moving. Fine idea but I hadn't
> reckoned on the reality of wireless networking.
> I bought two Linksys WAP54G Access Points and two WMP54G PCI NICs. I
> got the APs working but didn't find them very reliable (possibly
> interference from the DECT phones, video sender etc) and I didn't
> even try getting the NICs working with Debian. I learned alot about
> wireless networking though, and I'm am bit paranoid about security.
> I've decided to stick with wired networking for the time being. So
> if anyone fancies some Linksys wireless gear ...
> I'm on the lookout for a hub, 4 port 100MBs would be great. And an
> AGP card that doesn't rattle like my current one. Doesn't have to be
> anything fancy.
> Where do people buy hardware in Durham? I'm after a long USB cable
> for my printer and wandered into Comet at the Arnison centre. They
> were charging silly money so I walked out again. I usually get stuff
> from dabs or ebuyer online but it'd be good to know if there was
> anywhere local that sold computer stuff.

Hi Dougie,

Welcome to the list!

How long USB cable do you need? I'll ask around, see what i can come
up with...

I have a 3com 12 port 10/100 managed switch, and could probably find
an AGP card kicking around, i'd be more than happy to trade... :-)
I'll let you know what i can find sometime when i'm not propping my
eyelids open with matches |-)



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