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A Pearson a.pearsonx at zen.co.uk
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Hi Barry
Thanks for that info. Its not to bad just moving a tower but out of the question to bring monitor and keyboards etc.
This is something new since I was last there so I will bear it in mind.

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  On 27/04/16 19:50, A Pearson wrote:
  > Hi Barry
  > Thanks for your help. Yes it is a desktop as I find them more flexible
  > and they last longer. Being retired I do not need portability
  > No it was not the Lubuntu problem as I checked the keys and they were
  > putting out what was on the label.  I had used a special character , £,
  > on the first install but took this out subsequently when it did not
  > appear on the Mint virtual keyboard.
  > On the boot loader I got caught on this about ten year ago with SUSE
  > when I used to come to the group so I know now the problem and try to
  > avoid it. I had not seen any way round this but if you have an article
  > and its not too much bother to locate it then it would be worth knowing
  > about. 
  > Regards
  > Alan
  Hi Alan,

  Please excuse the private message.
  I'm pleased that you got it working. You may be interested to know that
  the club has access to a computer suite/school room at the Rowing Club
  building, as long as we ask nicely in advance, so you can bring along a
  problem desktop and plug it into the existing monitors and keyboards.

  I noticed from one of your other posts that you were using an ISO from a
  cover disk off a magazine. It is not unknown for ISOs to get corrupted
  so, in your situation, it is often worth trying a completely fresh
  download from the official web site, and burn a brand new disc, as a
  last chance to get things working.


  Barry T

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