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Formi formi at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 10 12:21:21 UTC 2002

 I do wonder if higher petrol prices, lower productivity, higher profit 
 margins expectation by co's, higher willingness by consumers to pay more, 
 ..., in the UK have something to do with higher prices.

 Since I moved to London, 4 1/2 years ago, I have observed a clear move 
 from the old british little islanders syndrome, 
 "we don't care/know about the rest of the world" 
 to a much more opened and deeper knowledge of foreign * by the man on the street.

 Then there is the media, most car owners in the UK a few years ago were
 quite happy paying through the nose for their wheels, change was only
 been due to more information available, and the same with products.

 We might thing we save a few quids by buying america(1) mainly and other 
 countries as well products, that's  because lower costs there, then if 
 you add the ecological "MASSIVE" cost  of shipping, plus the "more relaxed 
 anti-pollution laws", plus lower social costs & BENEFITS..., plus that 
 money is going out the country, therefore tax, vat, is not paid here.

 Simply, you help pollute, underfund UK NHS, taxman, the creation of jobs,
 make big internationals more powerful, witch do whatever possible to 
 exploit consumers, lobby for the restriction of your rights, ........

 All this can be applied to most products, from foreign countries, where
 ecological and social issues are less respected.

 That is why everytime somebody brags about "my new powerfull/faster 
 whatever" I wonder  ...

 Monthly rant done, please DO THINK, AND REUSE/RECYCLE...


(1) And you help pay for the BOMBING of foreign countries...

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, t.clarke wrote:

> I wonder sometimes if the problem with US merchandise re-priced in the UK
> is simply that the companies concerned can't be bothered to use a calculator -
> it simply easier for them to replace the $ sign with a Pound sign  !!
> I could understand UK prices being much higher if we some isolated spot in
> the middle of the South Atlantic, but not otherwise.  A friend tells me that
> the Car Trade refer to the UK as "Treasure Island".
> Tim

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