[Gllug] (OT) End of copying CD's?

Robert Wood rob at empathymp3.co.uk
Wed Apr 10 12:22:42 UTC 2002

Is this likely to affect all pc's or just windoze only systems?

(taken from http://special.reserve.co.uk/news/story.php?id=1639)

French-Canadian crooner Celine Dion is the first artist on 
the Sony label to have her latest album embedded with a new 
copy protection system. The European version of Celine's new 
album, A New Day Has Come, features a new embedded protection 
system that is designed to stop people ripping the CD to 
their computer and then uploading it to the web. However, the 
downside of this new protection is that the CD cannot be 
played in a computers CD ROM drive! What a crying shame. 
While the CD carries a warning that relays this information 
to a prospective purchaser, the fact that you are simply 
unable to listen to the CD on your computer is sure to cause 
problems. In fact, if you try to play the CD on your computer 
not only will it fail to work, but it will actually cause 
your machine to crash and even lock the CD ROM drive forcing 
a hard reset! While this may seem like a rather extreme 
method of stopping people ripping music CDs onto their 
computer, file sharing programs like Napster have 
inadvertently brought the issue of copy protection to the 
attention of record label bosses.

While any new anti-piracy measures must be applauded, it's 
imperative that retailers do all they can to ensure consumers 
are aware of what the copy protection means in terms of being 
able to listen to their CD. All the major record labels (BMG, 
Sony, EMI and Warner) are very keen to see embedded 
protection of music CDs become standard, and over the next 
few years we can expect to see more and more new releases 
come with such protection.

Just don't expect to be able to listen to your new tunes at 
work on your computer! Unless you enjoy restarting it that 
is. Fact is, if you enjoy listening to Celine Dion, you 
deserve to have your PC explode. Get out. You aren't welcome 
round here.

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