[Gllug] php4 and apache

Stephen Harker steve at pauken.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 10:52:10 UTC 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Bruce Richardson wrote:

> On 15/04/02, 11:39:52, Bruce Richardson <itsbruce at uklinux.net> wrote 
> regarding Re: [Gllug] php4 and apache:
> > The AddHandler directive can be placed within Directory or Virtual Host
> > sections of httpd.conf, or in .htaccess if the appropriate overrides are
> > allowed.  So you can have one version of of php serving one part of the
> > file tree and another version serving other branches.  Then he just
> > copies the scripts to two different locations and tests them in each.
> Actually, if you go the Virtual Host root then you don't need to copy to 
> two different locations, you can have both virtual hosts using the same 
> DocumentRoot.  Tada!  One version of apache using two different versions 
> of php to serve the same scripts in the same directory and nyer to those 
> who said it couldn't be done.
Brilliant! You guys are too smart for your own good. You really should get 
out more often ;-)
Thanks for that. I'll give it a whirl and see what happens!!
Stephen Harker
steve at pauken.co.uk

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