[Gllug] (OT) End of copying CD's?

Simon Stewart sms at lateral.net
Wed Apr 10 12:33:39 UTC 2002

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 01:22:42PM +0100, Robert Wood wrote:
> Is this likely to affect all pc's or just windoze only systems?
> (taken from http://special.reserve.co.uk/news/story.php?id=1639)

While I don't listen to that kind of thing myself, the new Shakira
album is also protected. Can't be read in my Mac or PC, which was a
PITA, cos I wanted a line from the current single as a startup

Naturally, I advised the owner of the CD to take it back, claiming
that it was faulty.

On a side note, this is going to really do in commercial radio; these
guys copy the audio from their CDs onto digital playout systems before
they get played, cos CDs are too likely to get damaged (amongst other
reasons) If they can't promote the singles, I'd expect the record
company's profit to slide, which will no doubt be blamed on piracy[2]



[1] "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you won't mistake
     them for mountains", FWIW

[2] Correctly, as it happens, cos there wouldn't be the problem
    without all the anti-piracy measures....

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