[Gllug] Linux projects involvement

Mark Preston mark at markpreston.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 21:03:20 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 23:09, Alex Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi,
> I am considering getting involved in an open source project which
> a) interests me enough
> b) needs someone with my skills( c/c++, networking protocols, comms, 
> real-time, drivers...)
> c) possibly involving some local developers
> Does anyone know of any sourceforge or similar interesting project in 
> need of help?
> Cheers,
> Alex
Hi Alex,
I'm involved in a pretty "clueless" sort of way with the OIO (Open 
Infrastructure for Outcomes) project
which aims to produce a sort of universal online medical history. The idea 
is, basically, to eventually arrive at a situation where a patient can allow 
various clinicians access to their medical notes as required. Eventually this 
could mean that your medical records could become available in any language, 
as required, anywhere in the world, almost instantly via the internet. 
Hopefully this would lead to improved patient care and less unnecessary 
duplication of record details/ investigations.
This project is in it's infancy at present and needs all the help it can get. 
I enjoy being a part of it, and I particularly like the way the Project 
Manager Professor Andrew Ho nearly always answers any questions in a polite 
and friendly manner. The techniques being applied could have uses in other 
areas as well. The project uses mostly Linux, Zope DTML, Python scripts, 
PostgreSQL, and  and outputs the metadata and data as XML. The main 
contributors to the project come from Russia, America and Sri Lanka.
Regards from Mark Preston


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