[Gllug] August LONIX suggestion

will will at hellacool.co.uk
Tue Jul 9 09:11:54 UTC 2002

Formi wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, David Damerell wrote:
>>On Monday, 8 Jul 2002, Formi wrote:
>>>On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Stephen Harker wrote:
>>>>Who wants to have the August LONIX meet here. Lets see a show of hands...
>>[The Great British Beer Festival]
>>>The selection of beers was odd, to say the least, if you go remenber
>>>to take your mug, or be ripped off. 
>>400 beers in one room is very odd, but I don't see the problem. As for
>>being ripped off, I'm not sure that putting down 2 quid for a glass
>>that you can get back at the end of the session is really that
>>extortionate. If you _do_ bring your own glass, it's best to ensure
>>it's properly marked with a pint or half-pint marking; it is illegal
>>to serve you in any other measure.
>  You missed the point, I didn't see any known beers that I like in 
>  between those 400, that IS my personal opinion, and probably little 
>  beer knowledge
>  I like strong "toasted" beer, 8%+, and I love Grimbergen Optimo Bruno.
>  Ripped off, I had the privilege of being able to pay for my first
>  beer after forking £8.

I went for a few hours to the last day of the last festival and quite enjoyed 
myself.  The only thing I would do differently next time would be to take the 
day off work so I could spend more time there, the few hours wasn't really 
enough.  There were lots of nice new beers to try, not that I would recognise 
any of them again.  I would recommend it to anyone :-)


                         'Hmmmmmm, Beer'

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