[Gllug] NFS problem (now this is REALLY p*****g me off!)

Vincent AE Scott gllug at codex.net
Tue Jul 23 23:39:21 UTC 2002

Dylan(dylan at dylan.me.uk)@Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 08:23:59PM +0100:
> I have just re-installed my home LAN from scratch to fix (rather that 
> understand) the following:
> After a while (a month or so) my server (which is running SuSE 8.0 with 
> "Default without office" but runlevel set to 3) seriously slows down when 
> serving NFS, but provides all other n/work services (well, ping, NIS mainly, 
> but rusers occasionally) with no problem. Very shortly after that, it becomes 
> impossible to mount NFS shares. The errors seem to be random - I get "no 
> route to host" (accessing by IP and ping is fine); "RPC - permission denied" 
> and "RPC timeout" about evenly on any of four clients. Get this - mount fails 
> on boot or using autofs, but some (not all) manual mounts work (whether I use 
> mount -a, mount <local directory> or a full mount stmnt!)
> Once the slowdown or mount failure is evident on one client, it spontaneously 
> appears on EVERY client.
> I figured I might have a rootkit / trojan etc. So I took away the data drives 
> and rebuilt everything (re-partitioning and formating every drive) from DVD 
> bootdisk.
> Now, three days later, same problem arises.
> I'm lost, any ideas as to where to look (and what the information I may find 
> means) would be most appreciated!
> If someone wants/can come and look at what's happening, even?

in my experience, NFS on linux is ****ing awfull.  if it bothered me
enough, i might be motivated todo somethign about it.  but it doesnt.

you could always use a network FS that does work.  like that lovely
windows reverse engineered program, smb.

hmm, maybe i'm being harsh.  linux NFS client acess works most of the
time.  server side is a joke.  but hey, we have the source code, so lets
just ignore it, until someone else fixes it, or implements a decent

BTW, on a less agressive note, tcpdump, strace and lsof are always your

there are several things under linux which IMNSHO suck, NFS is somewhere
near the top of by shooting spree agenda.

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