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Alain Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Wed Jul 17 15:23:20 UTC 2002

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 04:52:56PM +0200, John HEARNS wrote:
> How about we (I use the word in a loose sense!) set up the demonstration
> or advocacy system we once discussed?
> I wonder if at Linux Expo there will be visitors from charities,
> local government, hospitals etc?
> Maybe we set up a decent spec PC.

Preferably a PC of a spec that was common 2-3 years ago, except perhaps with more RAM{**}.
The message being: you can run Linux/OpenOffice/... on the boxes that you
already have, no need to spend your previous cash on new hardware.

{**} 2-3 years ago a new desktop PC came with 64Mb RAM, you really need 128Mb to get
OpenOffice to work nicely - but RAM is cheap these days.

> Put a Windows-themed desktop on it, with Ximian Evolution and 
> OpenOffice. And Gnome-meeting for the visual factor.

Alain Williams

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