[Gllug] NFS problem (now this is REALLY p*****g me off!)

Adam Bower adam.bower at framestore-cfc.com
Wed Jul 24 15:26:23 UTC 2002

Dylan wrote:
> I'm lost, any ideas as to where to look (and what the information I may find 
> means) would be most appreciated!


Tronds patches may make a difference for you, are you using udp or tcp 
for your NFS? Of course some of Tronds patches can make things lots 
worse as we did find out... but then we were trying to make it talk to 
Irix nicely. Also what speed is your network? is it switched and does it 
consist of some 10Mbs boxen and 100Mbs boxen? If so switching the 
network to use tcp may help (but will introduce some nice new problems)

> If someone wants/can come and look at what's happening, even?

Gah, the thought of having to fix NFS again just makes my head hurt! we 
got through a fair few goats last time i can tell you!


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