[Gllug] Can I do this with DNS

Jim Bailey jim at freesolutions.net
Fri Jul 5 19:47:31 UTC 2002

Hi all,

it has been a while since I asked any stupid questions and showed my

I have a box this one in fact which is a legal squatter on some nice
peoples network.  It has an A name record on their DNS server and a
number of other DNS servers point to web and mail services running on
it.  The domains are a mixture of community and arts sites often with
mail services as well, all of them not for profit.  Hence the quality of
their system adminisrator.
Recently I was asked to set up a DNS server on there as well since some
of the domains are coming to the end of their free two years web and mail
forwarding deals that came with the purchase of the domain name, I
presume that these would be C name records?

My question is if I set up Bind 9 as more than a caching server
(currently as far as I have got) am I going to cause DNS conflicts with
the current DNS since its A name record points to this IP and bind 9 as
far as I know needs a SOA file pointing to its self.

Would it be a better option to remove it from the Current Server or make
that server secondary?

If I am being a muppet again please be so kind as to point out my
mistakes or point me to the relevant docs URLs etc. that will help me to
sort out the problem.

Why don't I ever have a set up like the howto docs? ;)

Peace Jim

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