[Gllug] Access to film scanner.

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 16 20:04:02 UTC 2002

On Tue 16 Jul, Colin Murphy wrote:
> Does anyone out there have a film scanner that I can blag the use of 
> please.
> I have something like 60 sets of negatives that I would like to scan.  The 
> cost of doing this through Snappy Snaps made me laugh/cry/clench my 
> fists/etc.
> Alternatively - are there many people out there who might like access to a 
> film scanner???  If 10 people were prepared to pay ~15 for the (sensible) 
> unlimited use of a scanner, then the option of buying one from Morgans 
> raises it's head.
   I have a large amount of still photographic and lighting equipment,
including one of the early Nikon Coolscans, which will scan 35mm only,
colour or B&W, Pos or Neg, standard slide frames or film strips, (it will
reach up to the third frame from either end of of a strip in the strip film
holder), complete with the original Nikon software for Mac or PC.
   It has an internal adjustable setup memory which, once set, remembers the
settings until it is adjusted again, but most non-Nikon software is unable
to do a reset to original settings. (I must reset it and try saving the
setup to disc!)
   It was one of the first devices to use a blue LED, and although I bought
it second hand it was very expensive.
   I also have an AGFA StudioScan IIsi external standard 50pin SCSI flatbed
with transparency top (second lamp) which will manage over 350mm x 21mm, but
at lower resolution than the Nikon.

Chris Bell

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