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Leslie Till les_till at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 17 16:12:11 UTC 2004

Nordlund, Niko wrote:

>Dear all,
>I have been considering converting from Mickey Mouse products to Linux
>for the past six months. The problem being that I am working for a
>company where no-one else has even heard of something that could replace
>MickeySoft. All our desktops and servers are running W. Furthermore, all
>of our applications are Windows, Windows-SQL and VB based. In short, I
>need to get a rather good idea what Linux programs would suit our
>purposes before I could start convincing other people that Linux is a
>viable option for us. 
>I have been doing a bit of reading and there seems to be a wealth of
>programs available for our purposes. My problem is finding the right
>ones. I would need your advice on what programs I should invest my time
>in. Please remember that I am very new to Linux and have rather basic
>knowledge of computers in general.
>SQL. I would need a SQL database engine that is, stable, can handle
>large databases (> 2GB), easily extendible with own functions (at least
>postgreSQL supports dynamic loading of functions written in c)
>Graphical interface for developing and administering the SQL database. 
>C. As indicated above I would need to do a bit of C coding to get my
>functions available within SQL. I have some experience in using VB, but
>I would like to move over to C. Any suggestions which editor and
>compiler would be easy to learn? Preferably a nice GUI. I would also
>need to pass data to and from a database. Also, recommendations on what
>C-books to read are welcome. 
>Intranet tools to SQL. We are, at the moment, using VB to pass info
>between our intranet pages and SQL. What would be the easiest Open
>Source way of doing this?
>VNC. I would like to give a "thin client" a go. Obviously on local
>network we have enough capacity to run X window, but going to another
>continent would need something else. My issue relates to user
>authentication in VNC. Then there is the question of how to do this in a
>secure fashion.
>A *big thanks* to everyone who bothers to answer!
>Best regards,
>Niko Nordlund
>niko.nordlund at storaenso.com
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Iv'e have found that Qt3 + splashes of my own c functions is very useful 
for GUI programming  and it will also handle Postgresql  databases.  I 
speak as a hobbyist and advise use of the 'designer' app which come with 
most distros.
Also the book "C++ GUI programming with Qt3." I find useful.
Typing in 'assistant' at the command line will bring loads of Qt3 info.
Les Till.
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