[Gllug] Gnome Vs Kde Vs

Richard Huxton dev at archonet.com
Thu Aug 26 15:59:07 UTC 2004

Amias Channer wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:20:26 +0100
> Richard Huxton <dev at archonet.com> wrote:
>>I must admit, since I stopped using the KDE apps, there's not much
>>there to grab you. If you use kmail+kdepim+kate+konqueror then it's
>>great, but if not you start wondering what it does for you.
> remember that its important to learn and use the tools that others whom
> you support will use so you can help support them . Whilst xterms and
> screen are undeniably powerfull they are not much use for the
> word-processing , photo manipulating majority , who are valuable
> users and testers for the open source community and one less for
> the closed source 'community'

Actually, that's why I stopped using kmail/kdepim - I had clients I 
wanted to move to Mozilla for web/mail, so thought I'd best start using 
it. I used to like kate for my text editing, but the recent release 
seemed to arbitrarily change some features I used, and I ended up with 
jedit. I do miss a cross-platform shared calendar (moz-cal doesn't cut 
it yet).

> As a gnome user i'd say i use it for pretty window management (for
> xterms) and softer looking fonts more than any of the other bits . 
> KDEhas always felt a bit too noisy for my liking . 
> Its a very good thing we can make the choice though .

Konsole is nice, and I miss it in xfce, but KDE/Gnome only cooperate 
with their own apps which ignores Mozilla/OpenOffice. We'll have to see 
where the various integration projects go.

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd
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