[Gllug] Notebooks...

Victor cain at madridwireless.net
Fri Feb 27 06:05:49 UTC 2004

> Hi All,
> I'm looking to buy a notebook machine in the near future, and would
> welcome any advice, pointers or horror stories...
> I will be using ti to watch DVDs when away from home, and to control my
> telescope 'in the field.'
> My requirements are:
> Serial port (or a USB to serial adaptor which is supported by Linux)
> WIFI and wired LAN port (wifi could be a PCMCIA card)
> External keyboard and pointer-device connection (could be USB, of
> course, but with a possible USB-serial adaptor, and the essential
> pen-drive, we're running out of USB sockets and a powered hub ain't
> gonna cut it on a hilltop...)
> Bluetooth (for connection to mobile phone if this is supported)
> Modem

If you want to have a look to linux compatibilities have a look to

I would recommend dell as you have added features with the kernel
You even can stop the fan with a click on gkrellm! ;)
Toshiba are good as well and they improved a lot the screens quality.

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