OT: Re: TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Alistair Mann alistair at lgeezer.net
Sun Feb 22 12:04:20 UTC 2004

Thus spaketh Kelv on Wednesday 18 February 2004 7:15 pm:
> Alistair Mann wrote:
> > And once you have rights of residence, you can do all a
> >
>  > native can including, in America, vote.
> That's incorrect. In the US you have to first have a suitable visa to
> adjust status from, such as a K-1, H-1B, etc. That makes you first a
> conditional permenent resident, or legal alien. After no less than 2
> years you must file to lift the conditional status.
> You then have a 3 year wait before you can file for citizenship, and
> only at that point can you vote.

Indeed, legally speaking. Also legally speaking (this applies perhaps only to 
NY, and upto about 5 years ago), electoral workers are barred from enquiring 
after the right of anyone to vote, on any grounds including that of suspected 

> Unlike the natives, naturalized citizens can never become president
> (like you'd want the job anyway!) so no you can't do all a native can.

You can, but it would be illegal :-)

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