[Gllug] how far do ppl go to live without M$?

Dylan dylan at dylan.me.uk
Fri Jul 30 12:41:52 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 27 Jul 2004 14:57 pm, Will Napier wrote:
> > i doubt very much that the phone can be used as any kind of block
> > device, you will probably have to send some obscure escape sequence
> > in minicom to get it talking,
> >
> > have you tried exploring the irda option? i vaguely remember that
> > the software i managed to find on some yugoslav samsung page lets
> > me transfer images and stuff via irda.
> >
> > Ian
> Ian thanks for this - the irda option is apparently no good for
> transfer of photos as there is too much data involved. 

Is your phone not bluetooth capable? or does it not contain a removable 
data card of some description?

> Here's a wider 
> question:
> Sometimes I consider doing without certain
> products than have to use one that assumes everyone uses MS Windows.
> Is that being too bloody-minded? How many reading this would do
> without a non-essential product/service (like being able to download
> digital photos from your phone)? Or are most of the people on here
> sufficiently technical to find a solution?

Well, I will generally narrow down the options by finding out what 
services ar hardware are compatible before purchase. That also means we 
can support companied who either provide Linux compatability or respect 
open or established standards.


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