[Gllug] Network / Rack Diagramming

Dean dean.wilson3 at virgin.net
Fri Jul 9 09:50:02 UTC 2004

I've recently come up against the hurdle that is known as Visio. My
needs ain't exactly huge, I'd like to do logical (database replication
and scp's) and physical diagrams that allow me these key features:

* Define a server object.

I want to be able to define objects independent of any diagram so i only
have to enter the settings once and then just 'link them in'. Being able
to create these in a plain text file (or XML) would be a benefit so i
can generate them with a little bit of code.

* Objects must be allowed multiple nics

I'm new to Visio but I've not seen an obvious way to add this. Linking
custom properties to a database isn't my idea of easy.

* I want a switch / patch panel view that lets me define the ports on a
* switch and the other end point.

While you can just draw these by randomly plonking things down on the
paper and drawing lines and labels connecting them I'd like something
a little more professional that allows searching based on host-name /
mac address.

Does anyone have a favoured tool that can do this? Can Visio do all this
and I've just been too swift to dislike it? How will Batman and Robin

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