[Gllug] [OT] Appreciation

Juergen Schinker ba1020 at homie.homelinux.net
Sat Dec 16 00:21:09 UTC 2006

Am Fr, 15.12.2006, 23:37, schrieb Karanbir Singh:
> Juergen Schinker wrote:
>> yeah but when you stay stable you haave quite old stuff and the
>> developers
>> have compiled all but what you need in the binaries...
>> and backporting is bolox
> maybe you like to rewrite your apps from scratch everytime something
> changes upstream, but in any sort of organised setup - the developers
> would expect an app to atleast run for a while ( years ? ) without
> breaking the api/abi .
apps shouldn't stop the evolution of the api/abi...
once in a while developers could customize their apps

there is never a guarantee that your app is gonna run forever

however i like the Gentoo Approach but maybe it's just my taste
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