[Gllug] Re: mail marketing suite

Craig Millar gllug at craigmillar.org
Mon Jul 3 12:05:38 UTC 2006

On 03/07/06 12:42 +0100, John Winters wrote:
> Editing up the newsletters and distributing them are two totally
> separate tasks.

What we have now is a nice web based UI that they can paste their newsletters
into and with a click of the button away it goes. Only problem is it doesn't
work very well. I'm kind of looking for a replacement for that.

> Why not use Mailman (like as wot this list uses) for
> the distribution and leave your marketing people to prepare the missives
> in whatever way they fancy.  You can set up Mailman so that only
> nominated people can post to the list, and it seems to meet all your
> specified requirements.

I've never really looked at Mailman in any depth, praps it's time I did. It
does seem like a viable solution.

These are marketing types we are dealing with however and they are trying to
throw money at a nice shiny system with lots of clicky things that makes them
all warm and fuzzy, and I doubt they'll be happy with the relatively prosaic
gnu.org website. The one they have their hearts set on has a website with
phrases like "Leverage any Data" and "Gain 20-30% response rates to grow
your business!" which obviously excites them greatly. ;-)

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