[Gllug] July Meeting - Trip to Bletchley Park / DNS Question

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Mon Jul 3 21:03:28 UTC 2006

On Monday 03 July 2006 12:00, gllug-request at gllug.org.uk wrote:

This Sunday 9th July there will be a GLLUG expedition to Bletchley Park.

I'd love to go, only my other half has already arranged something for my B'day (I'll be paraded alongside the Vintage Cars and Bikes if you're wondering.)

The most notable achievement was the breaking of the German Enigma cipher which is said to have brought the war to an end 2 years early

Sounds like jaw breaking might be the order of the day, if the last few spats have been anything to go by :-o

So far we have one set of parents, 2 sets of wives and 2 children
attending as well so feel free to bring people along for the day.

You may need a lot more parents to help out... ;-)

Well, have a great time whosoever goes... and it's off to the cooler for the tantrum troop!

"Humour - state of mind; enjoying what is ludicrous or amusing" - The Oxford English Dictionary.

Conrad S. Jarrett,
Project Developer
The InterFACE System

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