[Gllug] Dual core 32 bit ... or should I go 64bit?

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Thu Jul 6 19:05:26 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 08:54 +0100, Jason Clifford wrote:

> Of course you don't. 32 bit systems from the last couple of years have 
> been blisteringly fast - certainly more than enough for everything any 
> normal user will want to do with it.

The reservation I have about speed is the digital video editing if my
daughter (and mine) interest takes off, she's quite keen on that sort of

The trouble is I know zilch about what processing power and what sort of
GPU is required for that - and hoping to keep something that will be
useable over say a 3-4 year timescale don't want to be forced into an
upgrade due to escalating demands.

Ignorance is a terrible thing when one doesn't know anything about how
to "scale" a problem...
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