[Gllug] Munin charts for out-of-control system

Rich Walker rw at shadow.org.uk
Mon Jun 5 18:26:47 UTC 2006

John Winters <john at sinodun.org.uk> writes:

> Apologies for the lack of diagnostic information for my server, but I
> thought that the general public might appreciate seeing the munin
> graphs.  They're classics of their type, especially "Number of
> processes" and "Load average".
> http://munin.sinodun.org.uk/

The mail queue is interesting.

Our mail server wedged sometime over the weekend; it had about 2000
mails in the queue when I checked. Restarting amavis seemed to cure the
problem, whatever the problem was.

I wonder if your virus scanner or spam filter was jamming on some spam,
producing the insane process list along with the high mail queue.

cheers, Rich.

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