[Gllug] Guarddog firewall question

Emon emon at nerdshack.com
Sat Jun 10 16:11:08 UTC 2006

Hi all

I am a newbie running Slackware10.2 with KDE desktop.

I am running the Guarddog firewall application which is a GUI front-end
for iptables.

My email provider (nerdshack.com) allows smtp on port 25 & 2525. My ISP
has port 25 blocked but has 2525 open (after I requested them). I am not
all that tech savvy when it comes to network & stuffs. I have no clue
how to configure iptables; but using the Guarddog GUI I enabled smtp
outgoing, which by default opens port 25. So (using the GUI) I made a
custom protocol (base on my instincts) which is as follows

Name: SMPT2
Type: TCP
Port: 2525

and voa-la!! Things are working fine, I am able to send mail fine.
So before I rush off to my friends to boast & babble about my immense
talent in configuring firewalls blindly, without having to know anything
about them :-)..... I would be very grateful if someone could kindly
confirm if the procedure I followed is OK!! or have I opened some kind
of a potential security hole??!!

For example there was a choice of the "protocol type" TCP/UDP & under
UDP there was a choice to make it (so called) "Bidirectional" (I did not
have a clue as to what all these meant). Should this have been the
actual protocol type??

Thanks in advance :-)

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