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Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Tue Jun 12 10:28:17 UTC 2007


Jason Clifford wrote:
> I suspect they are doing so in order to be able to massively distribute 
> online without having to pay the cost of doing so.

seems quite stupid, since world+dog have significantly less upload than
download bandwidth. You're still going to have to pay for a bunch of
nodes with sane bandwidth.

things like bittorrent only seem to work because (at the moment) enough
people have uni connections or cheap colo boxes.

> Moreover multicast requires additional facilities and agreemtents at the 
> ISP level and most routers are not suitable for it.

IMO the BT Vision route makes quite a lot of sense. They can do all the
hard networking bits and you just get a simple plug ;)
They can also go and get deals with any TV station in the world they
care about and feed that in (I'm quite sure that the Internet is going
to kill regional TV distribution).

Really I think they should be selling it through Wholesale, not Retail,
so the other poor DSL ISPs can get in on the act.

Chris Jones
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