[Gllug] ext3 filesystem suddenly full

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Fri Jun 22 21:30:14 UTC 2007


Tethys wrote:
>  It certainly won't trash the system as you claim.

*shrug*, I tend to take warnings like this seriously:

"Please note that like any program that messes with your hard disk, this
program has the possibility to totally destroy your disk, or even turn
it into a sperm whale."

(from the ext2resize webpage)

> non-technical user. Also, if you can't predict the usage pattern
> on a desktop, then I'm somewhat worried.

Why? User A will happily just check their email and browse the web. User
B will edit many GB of video files together and install lots of games.

Chris Jones
  cmsj at tenshu.net
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