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Thu Jun 7 09:53:05 UTC 2007

Peter Childs wrote:
>  Why MySql? Why not use a database which does not have Massive database
> corruption problems no referential interrogatory. 

While I am sure these are issues that have caused you grief at some
point or the other - I've never had such issues, and we do use mysql
quite extensively. And, were unlikely to make a change at this stage.

> MySql may have come a
> long way but it is nothing short of a quick and dirty solution. I can
> find a list a mile long of reasons not to use MySql...

While it may make for good social chatter around a few beers, I can
assure you that we did trial a few other db's at various times, when we
had the options, and we've not really come up with a viable other
option. Well, a neteeza box wold be nice to have - however, millions of
pounds is not what we are looking to spend here!

> Unfortunately I'm yet to find a reason to use it. (except maybe "Because
> everyone else does" which just does not work for me :).

functional, working replication and a very low barrier to entry are two
good reasons to start with mysql - and fairly respectable performance
too. Lots of people start with mysql and then as their needs change and
their own knowledge of the db ecosystem evolves they move to other
solutions like firebird, pgsql - heck even sqlite is something often
considered these days.

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