[Gllug] Slightly OT: No Hardware works with Windows Vista, says Microsoft?

Christopher Currie ccurrie at usa.net
Tue Sep 18 21:30:58 UTC 2007

Just now was looking at:


and checked the 'Easily find hardware that works with Windows Vista' link -


which brought up a 'the resouce cannot be found' error.

I wonder if the fault will be persisting by the time the post appears. If not, 
& anyone is interested,  I have some screenshots, using  Firefox 2.0 running 
in a 'roll-your-own' Nimblex in a VMware VM over SuSE 10.2. The Nimblex clock 
is faulty (7 hours out)  but the M$ error was visible from at least 21.59 to 
22.23 BST this evening (18/9/2007).

I was merely browsing to see if I could actually buy a shrink-wrapped copy of 
XP2 or Vista for use in a VMware VM (I would need just one copy at most), and 
if so whether the price would be too extortionate.

It appears they don't sell it; I can't buy a car unless I have one already, or 
I buy the street as well. 

I wonder how well Henry Ford would have done with that approach, especially 
if 'Easily find roads that work under a Model T' produced a list of none.


Christopher Currie	ccurrie at usa.net

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