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Phil Reynolds phil-abd at tinsleyviaduct.com
Wed Jun 4 10:33:02 UTC 2008

Quoting Sean Burlington <sean at practicalweb.co.uk>:

> Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
>> So, 3 rubbish, t-mobile good! :-)
> Actually I initially ordered from T-mobile online - but didn't hear from
> them - called - and there began a saga...
> ... dealing with T-mobile was frustrating and unproductive - I
> eventually canceled my order.

I ordered a phone with a WnW max package - with the intention of using  
VoIP over it sometimes - not yet achieved - and using the phone as a  
modem with my laptop - running Debian.

Although it is sometimes tricky to get Debian to recognise it, it  
works fine when it does.

It turns out I only got (and was only charged for) WnW standard until  
I complained that Jabber was cutting off - they not only upgraded me  
to what I had ordered, they also gave me some money for the  

I have found ALL mobile phone operators to be a pain in one respect or  

I have however found T-Mobile the quickest to put things right when  
you tell them they're wrong.

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