[Gllug] Anyone using Virgin Media?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sat Mar 1 23:06:43 UTC 2008

Matt Blissett wrote:
> I'm on Be unlimited.  The IP address doesn't change unless I leave the
> router off for several hours so I didn't bother with the static IP.

I have the £18/month deal with a static IP.

>> One word of warning about using the BeBox on the Be link, the
>> knuckleheads in their tech department will remotely login to your bebox
>> and reset it at random times for no apparent reason. When questioned the
>> response I got was : there were some security scripts being run.
> I've never noticed the box being reset.  The box (mine is 3 years old) has a
> DNS server, which recently has been getting less and less reliable -- but I
> just set a different DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf and sidestepped the
> inconvenience (the alternative is to reset the box).  I don't know if it's
> BeThere's DNS server or the box.

How I found out was by setting it to send syslog to a machine within my 
network, and i noticed someone was getting to the machine over a telnet 
connection. tracking that down, lead to the be offices. Over the last 3 
months I must have had 5 - 7 logins ( can dig up exact number, but am 
lazy ). 4 of those logins resulted in a box reboot within a few hours of 
the person logging out.

> They block outbound port 25, so my mailserver has to forward through their
> SMTP server.

I dont seem to have this problem ? I can telnet <anywhere> 25; without a 

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