[Gllug] [OFFTOPIC] Re: Vista vs seven

Matthew King matthew.king at monnsta.net
Mon Dec 7 10:38:41 UTC 2009

"Martin A. Brooks" <martin at hinterlands.org> writes:

>> Once again, it's prone to every possible bit of malware out there - even
>> many of the really old exploits (that had been patched in XP) give
>> complete access to the machine.
> Please state the sources of information you used to form this view.
>> It mostly fails to run older software - obviously in an effort to force
>> users to shell out again for applications they have already paid for...
> Please list all the software you have so far failed to get to work under 
> Windows 7.  Please note I'm interested in stuff that's failed to work 
> for you, not stuff you read about on slashdot.

Now that's just crazy talk. Why would anyone want to substantiate their
Windows bashing?

I was going to have something about insecurities and belief systems and
the-other-guy bashing, but I really can't be bothered.


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