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Tue Dec 8 00:59:49 UTC 2009

co at chocabloc.net wrote:
> I actually find this group qute narky, cliquey and bitchy. I think you  
> are only welcome in this group if you like wanking over binary, and  
> monochrome binary at that.

It's a tech mailing list / newsgroup, what do you expect?

Haven't you noticed that geeks can be quite spikey, edgy, defensive,
pedantic, short tempered people? This isn't universal by a long stretch
but there's a definite tendency / undercurrent, I found it thoroughly
trying during 3 years of Soft Eng but cest la vie.

I'm not trying to excuse such antisocial behaviour but that's what its
always been like online, at least since I first went on usenet circa
'94. If you can stay polite, thoughtful and vaguely on topic people will
be mostly  polite and helpful in return. Also, you oughtn't take it too
personally if someone tears a strip off you, some groups have a few
resident dobermans you just need to ignore, it's par for the course. If
you think this group's pitbulls are bad check out "Jerry Stuckle" in

Also, top posting is deeply irritating to many, if not most, please
don't do it ;)


PS: You will find Ubuntu's forums far more friendly but you're not going
to get access to the same calibre of gristled, wise, battle worn
sysadmin / hacker there as you have here.
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