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Thu Jan 29 18:32:17 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-01-29 at 17:39 +0000, Ryan Cartwright wrote:

> A fair point if one accepted there is a difference - not everybody
> does. I am happy to be corrected but I thought that FAQ implied a
> preference employers and not somebody operating on their behalf, aka
> an agency, consultant etc.

I think I have suggested that perhaps this should be amended in the past
to include recruitment consultancy, recruiter etc but as yet it hasn't.

That being said I don't think I'm doing much harm am I, especially as I
do specialise in open source and to be fair I have actually got to know
several very good people from this list that haven't had a moan about
any of my posts.  So perhaps those that are moaning might be doing an
injustice if I am prevented from posting in the future? 

> the point of these request is for you to make your post more
> informative for us. "technology company" is not particularly
> informative and could cover a wide range of things: hardware,
> software, mobile, web, service provider could all be perceived as a
> "technology company"

yes granted, but i still think i have posted a lot of information to wet
the appetite (so to speak) of a list member so that they contact me with
the few questions they might have (i.e. salary, type of company)

> >> * no salary range

> > In terms of the number of high transactional servers - which would be
> the definite focus - we are looking at high 30s.
> is the bit you mean, it wasn't immediately clear to me that you were
> speaking of salary - sorry

No I am not speaking about salary here! 
> >> * two previous strikes...
> this is still valid. Your message bears a pretty close resemblance to
> your previous ones - all of which were complained a bit. You could
> have tried a little harder, if only to appease those who moaned a lot
> last time :o)
> >> some people never learn
> including me it seems. "Always keep your mouth shut". :o)

I do welcome constructive criticism in my posts :) 

> -- 
> Ryan Cartwright
> Equitas IT Solutions
> http://www.equitasit.co.uk

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