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Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Jan 2 12:11:10 UTC 2009

Jose Luis Martinez wrote:
> Regular keyboards are an historical aberration inherited from
> typewriters I personally avoid them like the plague.  Now my anecdote:
> all the people that started working with me have suffered RSI, I
> started using ergonomic mice and keyboards early on and have not
> suffered any problems.

This is an interesting point - I've been using the Logitech comfort pro 
for about 4 years now at my primary desktop at home after RSI warnings. 
The important thing, for me anyway, has been to not stick with one 
layout. I use the split comfort pro at home, the normal flat keyboard on 
the laptop, and used the Apple tray style ones at Work. Ofcourse this 
does have the slightly irritating effect of not always being able to 
guesstimate which key is where - but it does do wonders for wrist, 
finger and forearm health.

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