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Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 10:52:13 UTC 2009

On Fri 09 Jan, Richard Huxton wrote:
> Chris Bell wrote:
> >    I feel that we are probably approaching this from the wrong direction.
> > Now if we were homeless family of Martians, just arrived at Heathrow, we
> > could have demanded a house at well over 100,000 per month, paid for by the
> > council.
> Blimey, rents are high in Ealing.

   There were recent press reports about a family of seven housed in a seven
bedroom house, with rents calculated as Central London, although some were
still in a pram. The actual cost was huge.

> The job of the politicians is to respond to public complaint. If an
> abandoned car generates twenty letters of complaint and a piece in the
> local paper then that's important.
> What you've not mentioned yet is the most important piece of
> information. Who (in Ealing) cares about this?
> There's you, obviously. Who else? Is there a regular class that needs
> access to more machines? A charitable group getting people back into
> work who would find it useful?

   That is one of the reasons for my website, but local people need to know
what is worthwhile and available, which implies education, which is why I
have been in contact with Ealing Council. I have personally given away
literally hundreds of CDs and DVDs, but get the impression that many are
only used when the existing system fails.

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