[Gllug] Open Source Hardware User Group meeting on Thursday.

david david at gbenet.com
Wed Apr 28 22:15:05 UTC 2010

Chris Bell wrote:
> On Wed 28 Apr, Walter Stanish wrote:
>> Unable to detect whether this is sarcasm - but it's definitely untrue.
>>  Linux
>> is alive in China but Windows still dominates - it's just that nobody pays
>> for it as shops pre-install pirated copies for you when you buy a PC.  Only
>> laptops pay MS tax.
>> - Walter
>    No, not sarcasm. He was looking at the operating systems actually in use,
> not what was on sale. He went to Shenzhen as a buyer.

there is such a thing as Red Linux - Debian I think. another interesting
slant is that IBM were forced ou of China. Simply because they wee
another brown nose MS$ Inc.

They (IBM) formed a partnership deal with Lenovo - who sell all their
kit in china with Linux and still honour IBM's commitments to MS$
I think the deal was an 20 per cent stake with IBM fully pulling out in
18 months - but not being an IBM Business Partner any more one forgets
the deatails.

Happy Days


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