[Gllug] WikiLeaks: Stop the crackdown - incredible response!

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Sat Dec 11 04:00:44 UTC 2010

On 10/12/10 21:19, Robert McKay wrote:
>> That's not at all obvious to me Rob: lex parsimoniae!
> A meaningless non sequitur. It's impossible to measure which is the simplest
> answer and even if it were the simplest answer is not always right!

Well Rob, almost by definition an argument that posits a big juicy 
conspiracy is more complex than one that doesn't. The exisitence of 
wikileaks sans conspiracy is absolutely plausible so the onus is on you 
to show otherwise and, eventual correctness aside, I don't think you 
have done that.

On your second point: of course there are far bigger secrets in the 
world, the ones leaked were on the lowest tier of classified, we all 
know that and yes, I'm sure those involved guard them very jealously but 
that in no way implies wikileaks is some sort of sham or front to 
prevent us getting to the 'real' truth.

Please note I am not saying that you are factually incorrect; I think it 
enormously unlikely but naturally I can't completely rule it out either, 
the world is a strange place! Notwithstanding this your conjecture that 
wikipedia is an "establishment 'good cop' puppet" it is far from 
"obvious" to me, and I'll wager, to almost everyone else here. If you go 
around making proclamations such as these and want them to be taken 
seriously you need to be able to back them up.

Finally, I wouldn't judge anyone solely on their spelling unless it was 
REALLY bad. I'm sure I've misspelled the word algorithm a hundred times, 
hooray for Thunderbird's in-line spell-checking!  I'll happily take on 
board your book recommendations too, cheers :)


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