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Martyn Drake martyn at drake.org.uk
Fri Jul 16 10:46:35 UTC 2010

On 15 Jul 2010, at 21:05, James Courtier-Dutton wrote:

> I think Android might have better RF reception than the iPhone 4.

I received a Nexus One from Google, free, earlier this year.  Initially it didn't have any issues with reception, but the longer I used it, the less reliable it became.  In the US, loads of people reported reception problems and it made the media, etc. in the same way that the iPhone 4's antannae issues are now.

I gave up on the Nexus after the touchscreen became increasingly less accurate and one had to twirl the damn phone around to get it to calibrate properly.  I also lost out on two emergency on-call SMSes that I didn't hear until it was too late - there was a 10 minute delay (and no, it was not the SMS gateway that was the problem, or even T-Mobile) and even then, when they came through there was a signficant delay between the alert sound and the alert.

I'm eyeing up the iPhone 3GS 8Gb on T-Mobile UK (which would be free on tarrif I'm on).  I already have a 64Gb iPod Touch so the lack of storage space isn't an issue.  It's just that I've got to buy myself out of my current contract to be able to do it - T-Mobile won't allow any early iPhone upgrade on existing contracts.  It's still cheaper than buying an iPhone unlocked, mind.

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