[Gllug] Canon camera uploads

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 23:33:25 UTC 2011

There seems to be a transfer-ownership issue with files on/from my new 
(to me) Canon digi-cam.

To upload photos, I transfer the SD card from the camera to my HP 
network-attached Photosmart printer, revealed to the network as a 
Windows share (\\PrinterHostNM\MEMORY_CARD\DCIM\101CANON).

Nautilus reports Owner, Group, and Permissions as "unknown", both on the 
card/printer, and (surprisingly enough) on the NAS' disk after transfer.

The transfer process itself is marred by "Error while copying 
"IMG_0007.JPG" [etc] = Permission denied, errmsgs on (not quite) every 
individual file. Yet if I "Skip" it copies the image (apparently quite 
correctly and completely).

However the Freecom NAS appears to be choking, and responds sluggishly 
both to continuing the original mass-copy instruction, and to SSH 
commands. (The NAS runs a minimal Linux but exposes the disk through 
Samba/a series of Windows shares)

SSH-ing into the NAS shows the following at the command line [ls]:
-rw-rw-rw-    1 admin    admin      557040 Jan 28 23:58 IMG_0001.JPG

("admin" being the non-root user utilised in the Nautilus 
Connect-to-Server parameters)

My previous digi-cam was a Sony and transferring images from its 
MemoryStick and in the same manner worked without flagging errors - but 
had the same owner/group/access confusion between Nautilus and SSH.

I have tried SSH-ing into the NAS and then rsync-ing the images from the 
printer/SD-card, but it makes no different. I'm open to using a 
different, but effective, tool or technique...

Does anyone else use a Canon digicam and experience the same, or 
(hopefully) have a 'fix' to advise please?

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