[Gllug] "Unlimited" web hosting. Really ? // Re: Recommend value for money Linux cloud hosting?

Simon Wilcox essuu at ourshack.com
Wed Mar 16 13:12:02 UTC 2011

On 16/03/2011 02:01, Andy McGarty wrote:
> I've used www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk for a couple of customers and
> they are great. Very helpful, very quick to respond to queries and no
> foreign call centre in site when you ring them :)

I'm sure they do provide a great service and are great for you but I 
just don't trust companies that say:

"Our concept is simple, a completely unlimited hosting package with no 
contracts or setup fees, with the best uptime available."

on http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk/index.php at the same time as 
saying on http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk/terms.php :

"1.9 Data Warehousing
The servers provided by Unlimited Hosting UK Ltd are intended for web 
services use only. Any user of our servers for file storage, data 
warehousing, backup data storage, mirror sites or any form of data file 
storage or management is prohibited.

1.10 Peer to Peer / File - Media Sharing / Streaming
The customer will not run services or software related to Peer to Peer 
file sharing, bit torrent or any website providing media or file 
streaming / sharing. Media streaming requires a specific apache setup, 
which we can only provide on our DediCloud platform."

Looks like there are some limits to me. Note that I've not picked on the 
clauses that say no spam etc as those are social and/or legal limits on 
what is acceptable and should be seen as outside a strict definition of 
'unlimited'. These two clearly limit the otherwise legal things that you 
might want to host on that server.

For me, that puts them in the same bin as most main-stream ISP and 
mobile operators that offer unlimited packages that are anything but 

The irony is that they already have clauses in 1.4 & 1.11 that would 
allow them to terminate a client doing either of those things so there 
was no need for them to explicitly limit those two activities.

This Unlimited is clearly Limited.

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