[Gllug] Multiple phones on a home network with single router

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Thu Mar 17 06:53:39 UTC 2011

On Thu 17 Mar, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> In the simplest set up, with multiple sockets on a line, each telephone
> requires its own "micro filter", and if you have a Sky box, that'll need
> one too.  Get another filter, and you're sorted.
> There is a slightly better way of setting things up (if you can be
> bothered): if your router is located at the "master" socket - that's the
> first one that comes in from the street - you can get a replacement
> faceplate that includes the filter and has two socket holes on the front
> - one for ADSL and one for the telephone.  Extension phones then connect
> to the IDC connections inside the socket, but these terminals are AFTER
> the filter, so all the extension phones are filtered.  This can
> sometimes give slightly improved data rates, too.

   That kind of ADSL filter for the LTE5 is far better than the average ADSL
filter and very much recommended. As Chris says your modem should be as
close as possible to the BT Line Termination Equipment to get best results,
then extend on if neccessary using ethernet, rather than extending the
incoming phone line to the modem.

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