[Gllug] Fedora Core 14

Jason Clifford jason at ukfsn.org
Fri Feb 3 13:58:02 UTC 2012

> Does anyone here have good experience of both Redhat and Debian
> package managers.


> A long time ago I was on Redhat, but ran into "update headaches"
> around dependencies.
> I now use debian and ubuntu mostly, and I have never had "update
> headaches" with them.
> Is the debian package manager just better than redhat's, or was I just
> unlucky with Redhat?

It's not a problem with the package management system on Red Hat so much as 
a matter of Debian having a better history of package policy.

To get a package into Debian you need to comply with policy that ensures 
dependencies are met and that the package is generally sane. While this does 
not entirely guarantee a problem free system it does go a long way to 
provide for sanity.

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