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It may be worth trying the mail submission port, 587, rather than 25. It's the same protocol, but intended for sending mail to others rather than receiving your mail from others.


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I recently posted a question and need further assistance since the 
residual problems after a stroke leave me impaired.

I've been attempting to configure getmail, maildrop, mutt and either 
ssmtp or nullmailer. At last I have got the first three working (I'll 
have to do some fine tuning, but that should be alright).

But I'm really stuck with sending mail. I think ssmtp would now be my 
best bet. I've tried so many configurations, but none seem to work.

For my sins I have BT Broadband, who use Yahoo and their web site
is a real mess which is difficult to understand. I keep getting 553 
error messages and I've sorted out that problem at least four times 
(well I think I've sorted them out!!!). On a Windows box things seem 
sort of OK, but I want my Debian box working and Yahoo don't seem to 
want to know, there is no help with any usable details. I don't know 
what they want.

I've Debian 6.04
BTYahoo's smtp server is "mail.btinternet.com"
Port 25
The authUser is xxxxx at btinternet.com.
The authpass is xxxxxx
I don't know if TLS is used
And I don't know whether EHLO/STARTTLS before starting SSL
authmethod is unknown

None of the configurations I've tried have opened the server.

Could anyone suggest a ssmtp.conf file I could try?.
Or how I could get some sense out of Yahoo??.

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