[GLLUG] Weird logging behaviour request for suggestions

Iain Gray iain.dv at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 11:02:11 UTC 2013


I have a glassfish (2.1.1) server running on ubuntu 12.04 with a bizarre
logging behaviour.

The logging configuration is set up to log to a location and roll over to a
new log once the log reaches 20MB. So far so good and this works fine.
However There is something that is taking these logs and gzipping old ones
at 6.25am every morning, but the gzips are all 0 bytes

I have gone through logrotate, syslod,  rsyslogd, all crontabs on the
system and can find nothing that is doing this zip.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to 1. why the gzip is 0 and 2. what is
doing it.

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