[GLLUG] Broadband: Bethere -> Sky

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Mon Apr 7 10:09:25 UTC 2014

On 07/04/14 10:52, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Is Sky FTTC different from other FTTC? I had FTTC installed last month 
> and it wasn't self-install by a long shot. BT/OpenReach engineer had 
> to replace the whole line from the pole outside to the house, drill a 
> new hole in the wall, and fit a new socket. I have two boxes: one 
> VDSL2 modem + my own router. Rich. 

Self install the way the "industry" is going, Sky are trialing it at the 
moment, using the Be* customer transfers i expect because they are more 
knowledgeable. However this will become the new way to do it, you just 
replace the filter with a VDSL one, exactly the same as ADSL, this means 
you can have an extention with the modem at the end of it now.

The way SKY is different is there hubs have a password on the DHCP.


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