[GLLUG] the care data / nhs farkage

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Tue Mar 4 19:30:33 UTC 2014


As of earlier in the day today I've started receiving very specific spam
about a very corner case medical issue that I have. Am told that only a
'few' people in the UK have this condition, so its certainly not the
sort of thing that mass spammers will target.

While there are a couple of other agencies that also have 'some'
details, given the recent news about the care data being on public
services etc I am very concerned about who all might have acces / might
have-had access. And its not clear from generic news reporting if there
was really a compromise or not ( also definition of 'public' seems to
vary depending on what media source is being read at the time ).

Does anyone know, even if backed by anecdotal evidence, if this data was
indeed made public, by design or otherwise ?

- KB

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