[GLLUG] New printer needed

Alain Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 16:05:32 UTC 2014

My current printer (6 years old) is no longer working[**].

So, I am looking for something new:

* Low usage

* I want colour - picture quality not needed

* Multi function (print, scan, copy). Fax nice but not mandatory

* Works with Linux (CentOS 6)

* Consumables that do not cost the earth

I have had a Samsung laser printer suggested (SL-C460FW  #309.99), a bit more
pricey to buy but toner does not go dry/...


Nothing useful on their web site regarding Linux support, so I phoned Samsung -
they told me to 'phone Digicare 'since they would know'.  Digicare refer me
straight back to Samsung. Samsung again ... ''oooh, that is technical ... send

I have emailed them - I took the precaution of asking for an email address -
since their web site is coy about that.

Given their level of useless can anyone help -- or suggest a better alternative ?

Not just printing (CUPS) but also scanning (SANE) support.


I have a brother MFC printer (inkjet - print, scan, copy, fax). Recently the
black has been coming out streaky: a 100% black page comes out as a repeating
horisontal pattern which suggests that some of the jets are blocked, this seems
to be a Brother hazard:


Yes: the printer is not used a lot.

The other colours are OK.
I have replaced the ink cartridge - no change.

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