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Rob Bowman rob at artangel.org.uk
Thu Mar 26 10:08:49 UTC 2015

Thanks Tristan. Not directly, but it’s good to know that pastries might prove effective currency. (It works for me).

Martin’s suggestion to look at Ubiquiti (which was appreciated, thanks) might have set me on track for a possible solution though. Downside is it is all new hardware at <> £200, of which £150 would be on a 3G router. They do come cheaper. But you get what you pay for, right?

However, your comment about hosting the files locally (of which I'd need further explanation) has made me wonder whether I am asking the right question or missing something blindingly obvious.

Is it possible to host the files on a local network in a way that makes having actual internet connectivity totally redundant if the aim is JUST to allow access to the sound files (assuming I don’t want internet for anything else)?

BTW I had dismissed the idea of having each person to plug their device into a computer via a cable because I assumed (again dangerous) that platform and authentication for multiple devices would make it problematic. (Not to mention actually having the right cable.)


> Did you get any takers?  Since it's for charity I'd have a look for a suitably sized danish ;).  Sounds like it might be worth trying to host or cache the sound files locally too.  I help another charity at the mo with a couple of linux servers, as well as my own bits and pieces and work systems.
> Cheers
> Tristan

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