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Rob Bowman rob at artangel.org.uk
Tue Mar 31 10:26:09 UTC 2015


This is an interesting suggestion, and I wasn’t aware of it, so thanks. I’ll definitely be looking at that.


> Hello ...
> I'm not certain I have understood Rob Bowman's problem completely -- but his context seems familiar. I run several 'silver surfer' projects around Hackney and the City of London. I carry a bag of Android tablets to community centres and other places where older people are learning about digital technology for the first time. Some of those places (including streets and parks) have no wifi or no Internet connection at all. So I also carry a 4G mobile wifi hotspot. Much of the time I want to demonstrate online music, video, photos and ebooks -- but if my learners download those files from the Internet, the entire 4G monthly plan would be used up in a single session. It would also be very slow.
> My solution -- which is nothing to do with Linux -- is this gadget: Mobilelite G2 ( http://www.kingston.com/en/wireless/wireless_readers#mlwg2 ). I can load up context-specific SD cards or flash drives for each project, then the gadget acts as a short-range private password-protected network, wherever we are. It's not a perfect solution (the gadget supports a maximum 8 concurrent connections, and the range of supported filetypes is narrow), but it's cheap.
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